Gnome (Dwarf)

The story began on the site forum Gamedev.ru October 31, 2004...
One of the participants under the name Asci created the theme with the great headline "Check out the dwarf." Inside was a screenshot posted is absolutely monstrous dwarf models, polygonal meshes and some crazy architectural structure, resembling the castle, about which it was said that "gnome lives in it." To all this splendor was a postscript: "Not too many say the word "sucks ", and that will hurt."

Next situation developed in a standard psychological scheme - if you want to get someone to do something, just tell him not to do so. Immediately fell comments: people joked, mocked, advised, inquired, shared experiences, showed the model dwarfs. After some time, hauled fotozhabery and the Gnome theme began parody period. Then the discussion degenerated into a monosyllabic comments in the spirit of Gy-gy, a dwarf! "And" author, draw ischo! ". Initially, the author participated in the discussion, explained that he did not modeler, a game designer, so the dwarf turned out such "specific". But then a wave swept the comments thread, and engage in constructive dialogue it has become impossible.

Actually, the topic is still alive: once every two or three days there are new comments.

Igromania (c)  

Model by Asci
Unfold by Vitold
Dowload :)

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